Friday, January 20, 2017

20 Things I Need To Start Doing

I turned 20 at the end of October. I really enjoyed being 19, so I wasn't really excited when I turned 20. It's been a couple months and it's been okay so far. I feel like I've matured a little already because I got a haircut, haha. But because of someone decisions I've made too. To me, turning 20 meant it's a new chapter of my life. I think the 20s is a huge decade, and hopefully it will be a really good one for me. So here are 20 things I need to start doing, because I want them to turn into regular habits I have.

  1. Live in the present.
  2. Take care of my body; inside and out.
  3. Read. (books and news)
  4. Stick to schedules. (make time)
  5. Sleep enough.
  6. Eat right.
  7. Love myself.
  8. Let go. (set myself free)
  9. Exercise.
  10. Have better control. (food, emotions, money)
  11. Love kinder.
  12. Study.
  13. Stop being hateful/envious.
  14. Clean more often.
  15. Stretch.
  16. Drink more water.
  17. Use Lush products before they expire.
  18. Get rid of things I don't need.
  19. Start a hobby.
  20. Save money.


  1. OMG NUMBER 17 IS SO ME LOOL I buy so many lush products and then some of them go unused because I forget about them until they expire :/
    You have some great goals here, I hope you manage to achieve most of them~
    MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. I have the same problem! It's just so hard because I can't find the time to use them, but I want them all, haha.
      Thank you!

  2. 20's is when you'll get to see the real deal so enjoy it! Love the list!

  3. Living in the present is the most important thing of all!

  4. I need to add that on my list too but I'll start with number 9, exercise. Thanks for sharing. Great post.

  5. I'd definitely start with number 9! Great list, dear.

  6. I need to do those too. I love your list, thanks!