Saturday, March 12, 2016

BTS "For You" + "I Need You (Japanese Version)" Unboxing

 Hi, everyone! So this post is to talk briefly about two BTS Japanese Albums.
  • For You - Version A (left)
  • I Need U - Regular Edition (right)
Both these albums are amazing!! "For You" is my favorite BTS song ever, and it's in my top favorite songs of all time. If you don't know, my ultimate bias is V/Taehyung and he looks so, so good in both of these album covers. *cries*

The first album is the "For You - Version A"
It has 2 songs + a DVD.
The 2 songs are "For You" and "War of Hormone." The DVD, I have yet to watch, includes the jacket photoshoot making and an unreleased video.

The second album is the "I Need U - Regular Edition"
It has 3 songs + a random photo card.
The 3 songs are " I Need U," "Dope," and "Boyz With Fun"
The random photo card was .. Jungkook! It was my second time getting him as a photo card. My babyboy is so beautiful.

If you're more interested in the albums and what it looked like, I made a video on it!