Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tag: Be My Valentine

Hello! It has been so long since I've made a post on this blog, I apologize. I honestly didn't think I would be this busy this semester, but I am. I had all these posts planed out for January but I just didn't have the time to get around to it + edit videos. My friend Jennelle bought me this new journal though and I'm dedicating it to this blog. I really like blogging so I'm going to try to schedule in more frequently from now on. But enough of me rambling, let's begin this tag!

1. Valentine’s Day…over hyped or a fun day to spread the love?
I think it's a fun day to spread love with your significant others and friends.

2. What was your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
I would have to say two years ago was my best Valentine's Day memory. I was a senior in high school, my boyfriend picked me up from school with balloons and a rose. We had Panera for dinner with my aunt and cousin, then we went to a fondue place for dessert that night.

3. Conversation hearts or chocolate covered strawberries?
As much as I think conversation hearts are cute, I love chocolate covered strawberries.

4. Choose a celebrity to be your Valentine.
Kim Taehyung or Kim Namjoon, of course. I am honestly in love with them.

5. Who are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with this year?
My valentine, my boyfriend. He asked me with a hot pink rose this year, it's a really pretty color.

6. What is your Valentine’s Day dinner plan?
Because it's on a Sunday this year, I won't be having any dinner plans. I'm actually not feeling Valentine's Day this year because I've been so busy with school lately. We are going to go to lunch though, then I want to go back home and just study, lol.

7. Red or Pink?

8. Flowers or candy?
I would prefer flowers, just because I'm not a huge fan of candy.

9. Sushi or pizza?
This is a hard question, haha. I like both, so I choose both. Well, if we were going out then sushi, but if we were staying in then pizza.

10. Beer or wine?
I don't drink, but wine is a bit more fitting for Valentine's Day.

11. Describe your perfect Valentine date night.
Both of us are dressed nicely, go to a fancy dinner, take cute pictures, exchange gifts, and then probably go home and watch movies all night, haha.

I hope you all enjoyed this tag! Let me know if you do this tag too.

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