Saturday, November 7, 2015

My 19th Birthday - Presents ♡

These are some of the gifts I received from my 19th birthday last week. (This post is just so I can document what I got and remember it one day when I look back on it and to say thank you!)

My first gift, I got the day before my birthday in the mail from my friend Jennelle. I took a picture because I seriously went "oh my gosh," because of how many layers she wrapped my gift in, haha. She got me the third mini album from BTS because I love them!! Haha. She choose this album because she didn't know which one to get me and she knew there was one song on there I liked. She did a good job guessing because I love every song on this album. Thank you, Jelly!

 Jennelle wrote me a letter, made me a birthday card, and got me two things from Nature Republic.

The card she made me me was so cute, I loved it! She put a whale on it because she knows that's my favorite animal.

When I opened the card, I screamed and closed it right away because I couldn't handle it. I loved it! I put it on my wall after with the other EXO things she sent me before.

My next gift was from my friend Josephine. She dropped it off at my house the morning of my birthday and I saw it before I left the house. I got a balloon too. I was so surprised with what she got me. She also so my birthday wishlist on my blog and got me the lotion from Lush. Thank you, Josephine!

 I went to school and my friend Kathleen made me a card in white out, haha. She then bought me Starbucks after class. Thank you, Kathleen!

My friend Andy got me this card and wrote a sweet message inside. It lights up and sings too!

My next gift I got after class from my boyfriend when he picked me up. There were 3 balloons in the car. He got me the Mickey Mouse tsum tsum, but is exchanging it for the Winnie the Pooh one I actually wanted, haha. He got me Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, two lipsticks from Colourpop, and the birthday card I saw at Target I wanted, haha. He wrote me a separate handmade card, that he has yet to bring to me because he keeps forgetting, haha. I also picked out the bunny gift bag when we were out one day, hehe. Thank you, baby!

My next gift was from my aunt. Those are just pictures of me with the balloons my boyfriend got me and my birthday cake. My aunt got me the Tartlette palette I really wanted and the "Most Loved" kit from Too Faced. Thank you!

This gift is from my friend Christian that I actually got from him yesterday, haha. We used this for game night already last night. Thank you, bff!

My family gave me money and my dad bought me concert tickets. Thank you to everyone who greeted me a happy birthday last week and a bigger thank you to my family and friends who got me something.

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