Monday, November 9, 2015

❄ My Christmas Wish List ❄

I've made my Christmas list online for my friends and family to see, hehe. My list is also on this site HERE, (but you have to sign up to see the list and to be able to claim things.) I'll be changing my list/adding more things that come to my mind probably as well.


I just posted this on my blog yesterday and I've already edited the list so this one isn't probably the most accurate one. The one on the site is though btw.

I saw the Christmas Lush catalog in the mail the other day and gasped at all the new things they have for Christmas this year. So everything pictured above is only available until Christmas.

These are the makeup things I've been wanting.

These are some other things I've been wanting.
  • Vans Socks - I really need more no show socks and I think these 3 are the cutest pack. I'm a size 7 btw, lol.
  • White Kitties iPhone 6 Case - I saw this phone case about a month ago and I thought it was really cute. I have an iPhone 6s, but I think the case would fit anyways. Right?
  • Pinup bkr Bottle - I had this on my birthday wish list and I still really want it.
  • Herschel Network Pouch - I've been wanting one since they came out. I think I'd use it a lot.
  • Herschel Market Tote - I really like this color combination and want my own tote bag from them that I could use for school.
  • Pusheenicorn Relaxed Tee - I was looking at pusheen stuff before my birthday because I think it's really cute and I saw this shirt and though it was really cute. It also looks comfy to wear around the house and sleep in, haha.
**Not pictured:

A continuation of other things
**Not pictured: 
David's Tea (2 oz. is the cheapest and smallest option, which I want, haha.)
  • Mocha Matcha - I really want to try this tea. It's two of my favorite flavors in one drink.
  • Peach Matcha - I love matcha and I like the scent of peach, so I'd like to try this.
  • Dark Chocolate Delight - The description of this tea made it sound really tasty, so I'd like to trim this one too.
  • Japanese Sencha - This one would be a daily tea that I drink.
  • Mango Matcha - This one sounds tasty, haha.

Teavana (2 oz. is the cheapest and smallest option only for the first two.)
  • Mango Black Flavored Black Tea - I want to try this tea. I think it's a good combination and that I would like it.
  • Monkey Picked Oolong - I've tried this tea before and I really like how simple it is. It's tasty to me and I'd like to drink every morning because it's refreshing.
  • Youthberry + Wild Orange Blossom - I've tried this tea before and it smells really nice. I think it's a nice tea hot or iced.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My 19th Birthday - Presents ♡

These are some of the gifts I received from my 19th birthday last week. (This post is just so I can document what I got and remember it one day when I look back on it and to say thank you!)

My first gift, I got the day before my birthday in the mail from my friend Jennelle. I took a picture because I seriously went "oh my gosh," because of how many layers she wrapped my gift in, haha. She got me the third mini album from BTS because I love them!! Haha. She choose this album because she didn't know which one to get me and she knew there was one song on there I liked. She did a good job guessing because I love every song on this album. Thank you, Jelly!

 Jennelle wrote me a letter, made me a birthday card, and got me two things from Nature Republic.

The card she made me me was so cute, I loved it! She put a whale on it because she knows that's my favorite animal.

When I opened the card, I screamed and closed it right away because I couldn't handle it. I loved it! I put it on my wall after with the other EXO things she sent me before.

My next gift was from my friend Josephine. She dropped it off at my house the morning of my birthday and I saw it before I left the house. I got a balloon too. I was so surprised with what she got me. She also so my birthday wishlist on my blog and got me the lotion from Lush. Thank you, Josephine!

 I went to school and my friend Kathleen made me a card in white out, haha. She then bought me Starbucks after class. Thank you, Kathleen!

My friend Andy got me this card and wrote a sweet message inside. It lights up and sings too!

My next gift I got after class from my boyfriend when he picked me up. There were 3 balloons in the car. He got me the Mickey Mouse tsum tsum, but is exchanging it for the Winnie the Pooh one I actually wanted, haha. He got me Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, two lipsticks from Colourpop, and the birthday card I saw at Target I wanted, haha. He wrote me a separate handmade card, that he has yet to bring to me because he keeps forgetting, haha. I also picked out the bunny gift bag when we were out one day, hehe. Thank you, baby!

My next gift was from my aunt. Those are just pictures of me with the balloons my boyfriend got me and my birthday cake. My aunt got me the Tartlette palette I really wanted and the "Most Loved" kit from Too Faced. Thank you!

This gift is from my friend Christian that I actually got from him yesterday, haha. We used this for game night already last night. Thank you, bff!

My family gave me money and my dad bought me concert tickets. Thank you to everyone who greeted me a happy birthday last week and a bigger thank you to my family and friends who got me something.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

My 19th Birthday - 10/29 ♡ + Halloween !

Last Thursday, October 29th, was my 19th birthday. Below are just some pictures I took. I'll make a separate post of the gifts I got from my family and friends.

 I had Cane's for lunch with my friend Andy. It's been a long time since I've had it so I wanted to eat it for my birthday.

 This one of the balloons my boyfriend got me. That's us in the picture, haha.

For dinner, we went with my family to Sushi King, which is a sushi buffet. I went to it last year for my birthday too, but I wanted it again, haha. My friend was working and the waiter was nice to me and I guess they decided to bring this out for me.

After dinner, we went back to my house and had my birthday cake. My mom made it for me again and it's a strawberry strawberry shortcake arpakasso cake.

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I dressed up for Halloween. The veil I ordered for my corpse bride costume didn't come in on time, which was extremely disappointing, so I had to pull out my prom dress and be a mermaid. My boyfriend was Kanye West from the 808's & Heartbreak album cover.

We went to Chipotle for the $3 Chipotle. Then went home and I got to pass out candy to the last kids who came to my house. The younger brother of the two saw my boyfriend sitting on the stairs behind and kept enthusiastically asking me if we were getting married. I laughed and eventually told him maybe one day and his parents were behind him laughing.

This was the pumpkin I made this year - another Kaws one. And he even liked it on Instagram!! My dad told me a lot of kids came to the house and said that it was the coolest pumpkin they've ever seen.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you had a great end of October! Let me know what you are for Halloween or what you did if you did anything.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Favorites

October went by so fast. I can't believe there's only 2 months left of the year! Here were my favorites from October.

1. Maybelline Matte Fit Me Foundation
  • I've never had a foundation before, so I decided to try this one. I think it has pretty good coverage.

2. Birthday Cake M&M's
  • I wrote this down as one of my favorites because I bought a bag the first half of the month and couldn't stop eating them, haha.

3. Haribo Peach Gummies
  • I'm eating these now, they are just so good, haha. If you like peach flavor and gummies, this is for you.

4. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Latte Lip Color in Touch of Spice
  • This lipstick is creamy and I love the way it applies. It stays on for a while and is a great color for the fall.

5. Real Techniques Stippling Brush
  • I bought this brush to apply my foundation and I really like it. It blends and applies it well.
My favorite shows this month from Netflix was:
  • America's Worst Cooks  (Food Network) - This show was really fun to me. I loved watching the people cook and the competition. It was amazing who some people really can't cook, haha.
  • The Great Food Truck Race (Food Network) - This show was fun too. I liked seeing there different kind of foods people would make with their challenges.
  • Last Man Standing - I didn't have anything else to watch so I decided to try this show out and I like it. It's about a man who stops traveling for work and lives home with his wife and three kids.
Thanks for reading this post! Let me know what you're favorites were for the month of October.

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Tenth Week of the Semester

I'm only going to be post about Tuesday because Thursday was my birthday and I'm going to make a separate post about the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, October 27th, I went to my uncle's after school with my boyfriend and we decorated cupcakes with my cousin. Then we carved pumpkins.

Ninth Week of the Semester

This post is so late, so I don't remember much - but I have pictures, haha.

 On Monday, October 19th, the weather was cold. It was a long funny day I wrote about it in my journal.

 On Wednesday, October 21st, I studied all night for my CSD midterm.

On Friday, October 23rd, I got out of my class, went to my last observation for CSD, and had beefsteak for lunch which I love. Then my boyfriend made us dinner.

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