Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tag: Sweater Weather

Hello! I'm here with another Fall tag. Some of these questions are the same as the ❤ Fall tag I did a few weeks ago. Anyways, I hope you like this tag.

1. Favorite candle scent?
Like I said before, I don't really use candles because I know they aren't that good to breathe in. But if I had to choose, it was a butter pecan waffle one from Bath & Body Works. 

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
For the fall, I'm going to have to go for tea. But lately, I've been drinking coffee hoping it'll keep me awake in the mornings, haha.

3. Favorite Fall memory?
I can't really think of one, but I guess past birthdays because my birthday is in October.

4. Favorite Fall trend: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I always have a thin winged eyeliner, so my favorite Fall trend is definitely dark lips. I don't have any super dark/vampy lipsticks because I don't really like the look for me. But I do wear darker shades and colors I think look good for Fall.

5. What are you being for Halloween?
I plan on being Emily from The Corpse Bride. I still need to find my dress though.

6. How do you get in the Fall spirit?
It hasn't really felt like Fall for me yet, but it hasn't exactly felt like Summer either. I guess I get in the spirt with flannels, leggings, boots, Fall makeup looks, drinking warm beverages, and getting my warm blanket out.

7. What is Autumn weather like where you live?
Since the first day of fall, the weather has been bipolar; it kind of always is where I live, haha. This past week, the beginning of the week was kind of warm - it was like perfect, comfortable weather in the 70s. Then by Thursday, it got cold/windy until around lunch, then it got kind of hot. Then on Friday, it was a little chilly all day with some light rain.
So usually, it'll be cold in the morning, but by noon it's warm. It's kinda annoying, haha.

8. What is your most worn sweater?
I haven't worn a sweater yet this Fall, which is making me think maybe I should have done this tag later in Fall like in November lol. But in general, I think my most worn sweater is my light pink and white striped sweater. I like the colors and it's just easy to wear with jeans or leggings and brown boots.

9. Must have nail polish color?
The color I'm wearing now - "Just Lanai-ing Around" from O.P.I.

10. Football game or jumping in a leaf pile?
Although I won't be doing either, I'd rather go to a football game because jumping in a leaf pile hurts, haha. But I'd rather do neither of them, haha.

11. Hats or scarves?
Scarves, just because I don't have the hat I want, haha. I'm trying to wear scarves more often this year anyways.

12. Is PSL worth the hype?
So, I finally tried one, but I got an iced one. I guess it's worth the hype because it's so fitting for Fall.

13. Favorite Halloween movie?
Hotel Transylvania and The Corpse Bride. I'm happy The Corpse Bride is on Netflix now because my boyfriend hasn't seen it yet.

14. What song gets you in the fall spirit?
To be honest, songs that sound kind of sad to me makes me feel like it's Fall. One song is "Let It Go" by James Bay.

I tag my friend Jennelle and anyone else who would like to do it. Let me know if you do this tag because I'd like to see your answers.

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  1. I'm wondering if I should do a tag for this season:) I really enjoyed yours. And I'm glad I found your blog, it's so kawaii!