Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sixth Week of the Fall Semester

So this post is about a week late, but oh well.

On Thursday, October 1st,  I had a really long day at school. I had all my classes and did 2 hours of observations back to back with my classes kind of. I really liked my outfit. I also tried an iced pumpkin spice for the first time.
 On Friday, October 2nd, I didn't have any class, but I signed up for a 2 hour observation. After that, I went to eat lunch at The Ten Top. I got a pulled pork sandwich with macaroni salad and my boyfriend got a crab-cake sandwich with salt & vinegar chips. I gave him my cole slaw because I don't like it. Then we did errands in the afternoon. Then he made us dinner. It was really good.

On the weekend, all I really did was study and read because I'm behind in reading. My mom made oyakodon and curry tofu which was good.

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