Monday, October 12, 2015

Seventh Week of the Fall Semester

On Monday, October 5th, both my professors cancelled class so I got to stay home. I didn't really do much, but my new iPhone 6s came in the mail!

On Thursday, October 8th, I had my second english exam. It was really hard, but I hope I was just overthinking it and did good on it. At least a B. My last class was cancelled so I went to eat lunch with my friends Michael and Christian. I went to look at some notebooks after class. Then we got his family dinner, but he dropped me off before he took it to them. I took a short nap because I had a headache and then he came back. We ate dinner late because we were playing Animal Crossing. I watched Grey's Anatomy with my mom and he made us dinner. The pizza was so good. It had arugula and prosciutto.

On Friday, October 9th, my boyfriend and I went to a different Hawaiian BBQ place then where we usually go. He said his loco moco was good and I thought that only my bbq chicken was good. The macaroni salad wasn't that good and the chicken katsu had too much breading on it. After that, we went shopping. I got a pair of black combat boots for $12 and a black floral dress. Then we went back home and I had another headache so I stayed in bed for a while and ate leftovers from lunch for dinner. I made some macaroni and cheese too, haha. Then I cleaned my room while he watched law & Order: SVU.

On Saturday, October 10th, I had game night at my house with my friends Christian, Jason, and Ivan. My boyfriend came too. Christian brought pizza and I had egg rolls left over from dinner. I also made some pumpkin dark chocolate pancakes. We played Super Smash Brothers, Taboo, and then Pokemon Monopoly. I ended up winning Monopoly with over $4,300.

On Sunday, October 11th, I ate the pancakes I made the night before. Then I spent the day watching Glee and worked on my art project. Then my boyfriend came around dinner time to see me for our 47 months.

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