Sunday, September 13, 2015

Third Week of the Fall Semester

I only have one day to talk about in this post since not much really happened this week. It was a 4 day school week and it went by fast, which was nice lol. M made a post on what happened Monday.

 On Friday, September 11th, it was my boyfriend and I's 46 months. He drove me to school since my friend Christian didn't need to go to school that day and he's usually my ride. Then we went to eat lunch right after my class at around 11 because we didn't eat breakfast and we were hungry.

Then we went to my house and I played animal crossing before we went to the mall. I got a pair of boots that I'll show you guys in my monthly haul. Then we went to this paper store I wanted to go to. I didn't get anything but I found a lot of things I wanted so he took pictures of the them for future reference, haha. Then we went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Target. Then to dinner.

I let him choose dinner since I didn't really know what to eat and I kind of picked lunch. He decided on pizza so we went to this place that made personal pizzas. A small pizza cost $8. It's kind of like the place we went to in Washington D.C., but not as good and not as worth the price, haha. 

Then we went back to my house and watched Law & Order: SVU while I cleaned my room.

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