Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second Week of the Fall Semester + Food Talks!

So this post is like 4-5 days late, I'm sorry. I was kinda lazy this weekend and once the weekend was over, I was kind of busy with school. But here is a recap of what happened during my second week of my sophomore year: August 31 - September 5.

 This was my lunch for Monday and Wednesday this week.

 On Monday, August 31st, this is what I drew in my sketchbook for art. We had to bring in something to "observe," so I brought in my whale whistle I bought last year.

On Tuesday, September 1st, I went to my dad's work for a crab cake food truck. Whenever I tried crab cake, I never liked it so I got soup to be on the safe side. I posted a picture of the menu. I convinced my boyfriend to get the CBLT sandwich and my mom just wanted the authentic one. The soup was good, but the CBLT sandwich was amazing. My exact thought after I took the first bite was "holy shit." It was really good; the crabby sauce was really tasty and the bacon was surprisingly really tasty. My mom ate it at home for dinner and she said it was really good.

On Wednesday, September 2nd, I finished my whale drawing in class. I left a little early since I finished and I needed to get out of there so I could go to my aunt's house. It was the last day at the house and I had to go see walk through it one more time to say goodbye to it since it  was like a second home to me for the past almost 8 years. I didn't let myself take it in and be sad and cry, which I wish I let myself do after I left. I've had so many memories in that house with friendships and boys lol, but mainly family. It still hasn't really hit me that I won't ever get to lay in a bed in that house anymore, even though it's been a week already. :/

On Friday, September 4th, I went to class and then to my friend Josephine's. I stayed there a little longer than I thought so my boyfriend and I had to push lunch back a little late. (I'm sorry!) We went to this place called Tupelo Honey Cafe. I heard about this place when I went to my mom's friend's get together when she came back from Japan. One of her friend's boyfriend/husband (I can't remember which) mentioned this place and he said he got the fried chicken BLT and said it was really good so I decided to add it to my list of places to eat with my boyfriend. 
At Tupelo Honey Cafe, the inside was nice and the outdoor area looked cute with lights on the top. I didn't take any pictures but I sent snapchats to my friend, haha. We ate inside because I didn't want to sit outside, haha. While we were waiting for our food, we got a biscuit with blueberry jam and honey. I thought it was cute, haha. Then our food came shortly after. I go the chicken BLT and shoestring fries with parmesan cheese & BBQ spice. My boyfriend got the "Shoo Mercy Cheesy Grill," which is "havarti, pimento cheese, caramelized onions, maple peppered bacon, smoked ham, fried green tomatoes and fresh basil on sourdough wheat" and backed mac-n-cheese.
Review: If you like southern food, I would recommend this place. The foods on the menu were kinda different and looked interesting. You can find their menu online. My chicken BLT was really tasty and juicy; it was like an upgraded Chick-fil-a sandwich, haha. The fries were of course delicious too; there's just something about shoestring fries, haha. I was really happy with what I ordered. My boyfriend's food was pretty good too. I like his sandwich a lot, but it was a little greasy for us. He liked the mac-n-cheese, but I stopped eating it because it was too greasy for me. That would be my only complaint, but other than that, the food was really good.

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  1. Yet again, your posts always make me hungry lmao. Those chips look delicious!
    It's always sad moving out of a house, the memories you make there can be so special that it's hard to let go of..
    Great post! Have a wonderful day! <3
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Awe, sorry! Hehe. :3
      Thank you, Minae! I hope you have a great day. ~