Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meal Plan Ideas

I just finished my fifth week of my sophomore year. I'm surprised I have gone through with this, but I've prepared my lunch for Monday-Thursday of each week. I do this so I can control what I eat and give myself the right portion of the different food groups I need to take in because eating enough and healthily is important to me. It's always something different every week, but I made the same thing for the second and third week because I had ate from the food truck on the second week.

 On the first week, I made myself a salad. I took a handful of spinach and grilled two strips of chicken: the chicken was just seasoned with salt and pepper. With it, I packed some croutons and homemade caesar dressing. If you're interested in how I made my own caesar dressing, click this link. Then I brought strawberries, some pita crackers, and a slice of swiss cheese.

I did my best to incorporate my meal to having 1/3 grains, 1/3 vegetables, and 1/3 protein. I also had fruit and dairy products.

 On the second and third week, I brought a sandwich. In the sandwich was Applegate Natural's turkey, a slice of swiss cheese, and spinach on 8 grain bread. I also brought a pouch of applesauce (that's the only way I'll eat it, hehe.) Then I had some pop chips as my treat, haha. I really like chips, so they are the healthiest option.

On the fourth week, I brought a flatbread. I put chicken, a slice of swiss cheese, and lettuce on a 5 grain "fold it" flatbread. I heated it in the oven the night before, so when I ate it for lunch the next day, it was cold. Oh well, haha. I packed the same apple sauce pouch and pop chips.

On the fifth week, I brought tuna salad. My mom makes it, so I couldn't tell you the exact recipe but I know she uses Japanese mayonnaise, onions, and white pepper. Then I made pita crips out of pita bread. I made a mix of olive oil, salt, and pepper and brushed it on the top of the pita. Then I toasted them until brown. I cut them up into 8 slices, like a pizza. (It doesn't look like that in the first picture because I didn't start cutting it like that until the next day.) I then ripped a slice of swiss cheese into 8 pieces and brought some spinach with me. I also packed the applesauce pouch again, haha. It's really good to me. I assembled it together at school like in the picture above.

All of these meals took me maybe 10 minutes to prepare the night before to leave in the fridge. I hope you enjoyed this post and will try out one of my meal plan ideas. Meal planning saves you money, time, and helps you control what you eat.

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