Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fourth Week of the Fall Semester

 I took this picture on Tuesday, 9/15, and as I was doing so, I realized I had a blueberry yogurt stain on my shirt, haha. I wore this cardigan and a white top three days in a row too.

 I went to Starbucks after school with my boyfriend and did some homework. I got the mango black iced tea lemonade again. I went to get food from my aunt after and ate it for dinner. The garlic bread was really good, that's why I wanted to picture it, haha.

 On Thursday, 9/17, I had a chocolate croissant from the Fresh Market, and it was pretty good, haha. I just wanted to share that.

On Friday, 9/18, I went to Chipotle for lunch with Christian and Michael because my boyfriend was late to pick me up. He met up with us there eventually. Then we went our separate ways and I went to the mall with my boyfriend. I picked up a few things and then we got slurpees since they are BOGO free this weekend. Then I did some shopping again and then we went home and cleaned my room because my brother made a small mess. Then we went to Costco with my dad and brother and got our dinner from there. Then went home, watched Law & Order: SVU, and then went back to cleaning. I eventually passed out cause I was so tired, haha.

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