Monday, September 28, 2015

Fifth Week of the Fall Semester

This post is late, sorry! Haha. But anyways, this was how my fifth week of the semester went.

On Tuesday, September 22, I had my first exam for my English class. I spent the night before studying for hours and tried my best to do some more before I left. I made myself a strawberry and banana smoothie with chia seeds for breakfast.

On Wednesday, September 23, I drew my rough draft in my art class. Our assignment was to create a self-portrait of ourselves and we had to use oil pastels. I tried to make myself look like a mermaid in previous sketches, but I didn't really know how to and I couldn't draw myself realistic so I went with this instead: me as a mermaid as a Tim Burton character. I liked the way it turned out for my rough draft.

On Thursday, September 24, I got my English exam back. I was so shocked with my grade. I was so proud of myself, haha. My classmate got a 62 and I heard the girls that sit behind me groan and say how they failed. I saw the girl that I thought would do good on got a 96, the girl behind me got a 103, and some other girl got a 65. I felt really good about my score, haha. I asked another girl the next day what she got and she said she got a 106, which is a perfect score. I wanted to take the exam home to keep, but we weren't allowed to so I took a picture of it, lol.

 On Friday, September 25, I went to my first observation for my CSD class. I went for an hour and a half after my first class. Watching the observations made me feel really good about pursuing my career in Speech-Language Pathology. After that, I went to run errands for my mom and got a free lunch from Chick-fil-a with my boyfriend. It was raining a little that afternoon too.

 We went to this place called Pancho N' Luigi's for dinner. We ordered the monster burrito to share. No where on the menu did it say that there would be anything with cilantro in it, the other burritos did. I was really upset that once I bit into it, there was some cilantro in it so eventually I just stopped eating it because I could only eat one side of it.

 We got the monster burrito, chicken taquitos, and I wanted a side of rice. The rice was probably the best thing to me lol. My boyfriend did like the burrito though, but it's not Chipotle.

 The burrito was huge!!

When we got back home, we shared a slice of cake that my mom got me on Wednesday. It's a Japanese strawberry shortcake, which is my favorite.

Thanks for reading this post and have a good day!

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