Sunday, September 13, 2015

5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Concert

On Monday, September 7th, there was no school since it was Labor Day. It was also the day of the % Seconds of Summer Rock Out With Your Socks Out concert. I got VIP tickets to this concert in August 2014 during the pre-sale event, haha.

This was my outfit for the concert. Since my boyfriend and I had VIP tickets, we had to be there hours earlier to check in and be there for the sound check experience and Q&A. 5SOS came out onto the stage one by one. I told myself I wouldn't cry since I saw them last summer, but as soon as Calum came out, I started crying, haha. They sung "She's Kinda Hot" and then did the Q&A. I regretted not trying to ask a question, but oh well. Then they sung "Jet Black Heart." Then we were sent to wait outside of the seating area. I went to the bathroom and then waited until we were allowed to do the crowd free shopping. I bought a 4-pack poster set of 5SOS. Then we got some food because we were getting hungry and it was starting to be dinner time.

 This cost $10.50, sadly. But it was good, haha. I sprinkled parmesan garlic powder meant for popcorn on top of it.

 I took this picture just to show my parents how close I was to the stage. I was two rows behind the pit.

 Things were changing on the big screen while we were waiting for Hey Violet to open. They were playing songs while we were waiting too.

Here's a picture of my boyfriend and I, haha.

Hey Violet opened for 5SOS. If you don't know this band, it's the first band 5SOS signed on their record label called "Hi or Hey Records." There are 3 girls and 1 boy. I didn't really listen to their music until an hour before I left for the concert to be honest, lol. But I did like some of their songs. They played "I Can Feel It" and I was singing along to that because it's a really fun and catchy song. You should check them out.

This is what the stag looked like after Hey Violet performed and the stage crew was setting up for 5SOS.

So I didn't get a good picture of Ashton, the drummer, but you can see his drums on the top picture, haha.

 Here are a few more pictures, haha.

These are just pictures of the love of my life, Calum Hood lol. I asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me with Calum's face on the big screen - that was the best he could do, haha.

Here are some videos that I took. They are mostly close-ups of Calum, haha.

Me screaming for Calum, haha.

This is 5SOS performing "Permanent Vacation."

This is 5SOS performing "Heartache On The Big Screen" which is one of my favorites from them.

This is 5SOS performing "Amnesia."

This is 5SOS performing "Beside You." I always would imagine Calum singing this to me lol.

This is 5SOS performing "She Looks So Perfect" ft. my boyfriend & I.

Here is another one, haha.

It was great seeing these boys live again. My dad took that picture of my boyfriend and I before we got our passes to go inside the venue. My seats were amazing, the only bad thing were the high pitched screams some girls have, haha. Also, these are the pictures that I bought at the concert. I lost my voice by the end of the concert and I couldn't hear out of my right ear. I actually couldn't hear out of it that well the next morning too, haha. It was a great night and thanks to my boyfriend for going with me.

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