Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Weekend of Summer

On Thursday, August 20th, my boyfriend and I woke up early and took my brother to his dentist appointment, then took him home. Then we went to CVS and then went bowling. I won, hehe. I'm cupcake and he's donut, it's nicknames we called each other when we first started talking. Then we went to TJ Maxx so I could return some things and I got a new jacket. Then I went to the art store near by that was recommended by my professor and I got some supplies I needed for the second day of class. Then we went to get rulers and then went home and my boyfriend made me dinner. We spent the rest of the night watching Law & Order: SVU.

 On Friday, August 21, my boyfriend and I didn't do anything fun really. We went to the commissary and Trader Joe's so I could get my groceries. Then we ate dinner at home and watched netflix and fixed my hair.

 On Saturday, August 22, I went to the beach with my dad and brother. Then we I got home, my mom made sushi for dinner so I ate lots of that. It was really good.

On Sunday, August 24, it was the last day of summer and I spent the entire day helping my aunt move.. My boyfriend came too eventually. Then we went to dinner with my family, went to Target to see if they had notebooks I wanted (which they didn't), and he helped me prepare my lunch for the next day. It wasn't a very fun way to spend the last day of summer, but we have more days to spend together so that's okay.

I can't believe summer has ended. From May 7-August 23, it has been great being able to sleep in, spend late nights together, go to the beach a lot, and not worrying about any due dates.

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  1. You whole summer up to the very end was eventful, I'm so jealous!
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  2. That food looks so yummy! Looks like it was a good weekend~
    Pouring Vanilla