Monday, August 10, 2015

Influenster Review: Sunshine VoxBox

If you don't know what Influesnter is, it's a site where you share/review different products. One of their features is receiving VoxBoxes! These are boxes that are filled with products that they send you for free. (heyhey) You don't pay a thing, but in return, you have to show off your products through social media, check in on the website, and make reviews on the products. This is my second VoxBox from them, I never got around to making a review for the first one because I was busy with school; but I guess I'll make time for it soon and make a post on it.

 I got chosen for the Sunshine VoxBox! This is what it looked like when I opened the box.
(I will review each product down below.)

 Listed on the back of the card are all the products that I would be receiving and their social media accounts.

 These are the products that I got in this VoxBox:

  • Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer - I really don't like to use lotion because it feels weird on my hands so my legs are ashy, haha. But this is a spray on lotion, like the St. Ives one I've talked about before so i like it. It doesn't really have a strong scent to it, which I think is good. I think it's my legs feel smoothie since I started using it, so I will continue to use it.
  • Blue Diamond Siracha Almonds - I was excited to try these when I found out I was getting this VoxBox. This was the first product in the box that I opened. I only ate a few because eventually, I just couldn't eat anymore without feeling sick. Siracha makes me feel nauseous unless I mix it with something or only use a little of it, so that's why I couldn't eat any more of these almonds. These really taste like siracha, so if you like that flavor, you will definitely like these. I ended up giving them to my mom and she said they were really good.
  • SinfulColors Nail Polish in Southern Belle - Personally, this color is too dark to be a summer nail color. I didn't want to paint them this color for my trip, but I needed to in time for my review. I think the nail polish applies nicely because it was dark. I only needed two layers of it. I think it stays on pretty good without top coat on, but I don't like how it looks without top coat. I've had it on for 6 days the chipping is minimum.
  • Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-in Smoothing Crème Enhanced with Avocado and Olive Oil - I was kind of excited to try this product because I like things that will help my hair feel softer since I've dyed it a lot. You're supposed to apply this to towel dried hair, and it just felt weird applying a conditioner feeling product in my hair that I wasn't supposed to wash out. It ended up actually making my hair feel really bad so I didn't want to try it again. It does smell really good though. So if you like leave-in conditioners, you could try out.
  • Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths - When I first tried this product, my boyfriend opened the packaging to give me a cloth and the first thing he did was smell it and he told me I wouldn't like the smell. I used it on my face to wipe off my makeup and even though I had my eyes closed, it still burned lol. I didn't really like the smell, but it wasn't necessarily bad. It smelled like vanilla extract when you bake cookies. They are soft on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling sticky or unclean at all, but I still take a damp towel and wipe my face after it.
This is what the color looks like. I only applied it twice. No top coat because I wanted to see how long it would last.

I also got these coupons with the box. I'm definitely excited about the barkTHINS one because if you've read my past monthly favorite posts, you would know I love barkThins. I was actually hoping to get a bag of it, but oh well lol.

Let me know if you're interested or will try out any of the products that I talked about in this post down in the comments.

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  1. Oh, this looks lovely! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

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  2. Aww so jelly! I heard about influenster for a long time now, but I never figured out how to actually get a voxbox OTL
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