Sunday, August 16, 2015


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On Friday August 7, I left for Washington D.C. with my family.

 This is what I ate for breakfast.

Our first stop was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. Then we went to IKEA.

I remember reading about how IKEA started this new thing where they sell candy at the stores, so I was excited to get some when I was there.

I liked the snapchat filter, haha.

 A selfie I took in the hotel while we were resting before heading out.

 I got a java chip shake, but I was sad it was expensive and too sweet.

 This was when I was walking back to the hotel.

This was the dinner I got. I had to eat it cold because I had to warm my brother's food on another floor and it took a while. 

 I liked my outfit that day, haha.

The next day, I had breakfast on the top floor and it had such a nice view. Then we hit the road for New York.

 I thought this snapchat filter was so cute.

 This was the view from my hotel room in New York. I loved it.

 This was my outfit for the second day.

For dinner I went to Momofuku Noodle Bar and these were the chicken wings I got.

 My mom got the spicy miso ramen. It was okay, but we didn't think it was worth it, haha.

I only wanted to go for the ice cream, which was totally worth it. I got chocolate chip passion fruitcake soft serve. It was so good.

 This was the view while walking back to the hotel, I was so nice.

 This was the view back at the hotel.

 These were the views at night.

This was my view in the morning.

This was my free breakfast from the hotel and it was really good, I wish I got extra bacon instead of turkey though, haha. I also got lemonade and it was good.

After breakfast, we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge.

These are just some pictures of me.

After we came back, I went to get lunch with my dad to bring back to the hotel. I got chicken and broccoli.
 More cute snapchat filters, haha.

 I saw this while walking through Little Italy I think and thought it was cool. I spent the afternoon shopping.

 This is what my brother and I had for dinner.

The next day, I did more shopping in the morning, then headed to New Jersey to eat lunch and finish shopping before heading home.

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