Monday, August 31, 2015

August Favorites

I'm sitting here supposed to be reading for one of my classes tomorrow, but I wanted to make this post first. I think August went by so fast. I remember going on my trip and it feels like it was a while ago, but at the same time it wasn't. Idk, it kind of makes me sad, this month didn't end as good as it started for me. Btu anyways, here are my favorite of the month.

1. NYC Bronzing Face Powder in "Sunny" from Target

  • I needed to get a new bronzer because the one I was using was running out. I wanted a cheap one that would work well, so I looked up what was a good inexpensive one and it led me to this. I think it works fine and is pigmented.

2. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush from Ulta

  • My friend Jennelle got me this brush from Ulta because she knew I wanted it. I really like this brush. It's so soft and I use it along for my bronzer.

3. Siracha Chips

  • I got this on my trip from a Japanese grocery store and they were actually good. I opened up the bag the next day I got home I think, haha. I can't eat a lot of siracha because it makes me feel nauseous, but these were good. They tasted really good with sandwiches and burgers.

4. Pretzel Crisps Dark Chocolate Crunch from Sam's Club

  • I saw these at Sam's Club and had to get them. They are so good that my mom and I can't stop eating it once we start, haha. I love dark chocolate and it's a good mix of sweet and salty in each bite with a crunch. I ate one just now, haha.

5. My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret

  • This hair serum works wonders for me. I think because I'm using a new conditioner (I'm not sure if it actually is a different conditioner, haha), my hair is super soft. I don't think I even need the serum anymore because I chopped off my towards the end of summer, but when I did have longer hair earlier in the month, I used this and it made my ends really soft. I still like to apply it on wherever I think my hair feels dry or would get dry.
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Week of the Fall Semester

I started my sophomore year of college on August 24.

 I made a smoothie with frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, almond milk, and a frozen greek yogurt cube. I put it in a to-go cup and drank it on the way to school.

I then somehow got it on my tank, so I had to walk around with smoothie stains on the first day.

 This was my outfit for the second day.

 This was my meal prep for the week, I'll make a detailed post about mime preps sometime in the next month.

 On Friday, I only had one class and it finished 5 minutes early. My boyfriend came and picked me up and then we were going to go to my aunt's but she wasn't home so we ended up taking the wrong exit and ended up somewhere else so we did some clothe looking and I bought a top and purse which you'll see in the monthly haul post. Then we went to lunch; he had a carne asada burrito with this mango drink and I had a chicken burrito. Then we went to Target, my house, UPS, Jerry's Artarama, another Target, and back home. Then we took a nap, but he cleaned my room while I fell asleep first. He eventually woke me up and I didn't want to go out to dinner so he got us Burger King. Then we spent the rest of the night cleaning my room and watching Law & Order: SVU and Friends.

 On Saturday, I had another game night at my house.

We played Taboo and Super Smash Brothers. Christian and my boyfriend were the "Super Friends" and Melanny, Jason, and I were the "Ice Creams." The team I was on won, haha.

So I have 2 classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 1 on Fridays. So far, I think I'll do okay in my Literature class. I think my art studio class might be hard and will make me upset a lot, lol. I start classes for my major this year and they seem a little intimidating. My communication disorders & science education class professor is nice, so I hope I'll understand and do well in that class. My aspects of english literature class doesn't seem too hard. Lastly, my special education class looks like a class I'll have to work hard for, but I hope I'll pull through.

If you started school this week, or are going to soon, I hope you had/have a good start to the semester/school year.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall 2015 Semester Goals

So I started my sophomore year of college/ fall semester today. I'll do a recap of my first week during the weekend.

My goals for this semester are:
  • be healthy
  • eat breakfast - it's important so I'm pushing to make time for it every morning
  • sleep enough - this is really important too so I've written out a sleeping schedule
  • read for classes that are needed - I usually don't ever read the textbooks, so I should
  • take notes
  • stay organized
  • plan out syllabus
  • keep up with due dates
  • do NOT procrastinate - LOL, this is the hardest of them all
  • find time for exercise/downtime
  • make schedules
  • keep room clean - I'm trying to clean at least 5 minutes every day
I really hope to keep up and accomplish these goals this semester, I really want to do good in class but make sure not to let myself behind emotionally.

Let me know what your goals for the semester are down below.

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Last Weekend of Summer

On Thursday, August 20th, my boyfriend and I woke up early and took my brother to his dentist appointment, then took him home. Then we went to CVS and then went bowling. I won, hehe. I'm cupcake and he's donut, it's nicknames we called each other when we first started talking. Then we went to TJ Maxx so I could return some things and I got a new jacket. Then I went to the art store near by that was recommended by my professor and I got some supplies I needed for the second day of class. Then we went to get rulers and then went home and my boyfriend made me dinner. We spent the rest of the night watching Law & Order: SVU.

 On Friday, August 21, my boyfriend and I didn't do anything fun really. We went to the commissary and Trader Joe's so I could get my groceries. Then we ate dinner at home and watched netflix and fixed my hair.

 On Saturday, August 22, I went to the beach with my dad and brother. Then we I got home, my mom made sushi for dinner so I ate lots of that. It was really good.

On Sunday, August 24, it was the last day of summer and I spent the entire day helping my aunt move.. My boyfriend came too eventually. Then we went to dinner with my family, went to Target to see if they had notebooks I wanted (which they didn't), and he helped me prepare my lunch for the next day. It wasn't a very fun way to spend the last day of summer, but we have more days to spend together so that's okay.

I can't believe summer has ended. From May 7-August 23, it has been great being able to sleep in, spend late nights together, go to the beach a lot, and not worrying about any due dates.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Second Care Package from Jennelle

I got my second care package from my friend Jennelle the other day. This time, we went for a "back to school" theme. If you're interested in what I got from her, keep reading! And make sure to check out her YouTube channel.

 This is what I got in the first package. The other 2 things she got me couldn't fit in the package.

 Jennelle got me these posters when she went to KCON LA. I knew about the D.O. poster and I love it so much; just look at him. The Suho and Sehun pictures were a surprise and I screamed when I saw them. She knows how I call Suho my boyfriend/baby daddy, haha. She also knows I love me some Sehun. There weren't any good Lay photos, so that's why she didn't get me one. But I love these just so much.

 These are EXO post cards she let me pick out from a set she bought. They are all hung up on my wall.

 These are stickers she let me pick out too. She's so nice!! Lol. I don't know if I'll ever use them.

 The ghost notebook she got me is so cute, I don't think I'm going to use it for a while just so I can keep it, haha. The rilakkuma notebook is going to be used as my fall semester diary/journal. She got a blue and pink one but I wanted the blue one so she could have the pink one since that's her favorite color. She also sent me a cute eraser pack.

 I also got some puffy stickers, chocolate banana pocky (which I'm excited to try), a rilakkuma key cap, and a sample from skin food.

These were the things that wouldn't fit in the first package so she sent another one and I got it in the mail yesterday. She sent me the green tea chocolate cubes I like and tape, because I wanted tape, haha.

Thank you, Jennelle! I really like everything you sent me, especially the D.O. and Suho picture, hehe.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fifteenth Week of Summer

Sorry this post is so late!

On Thursday, August 13, my boyfriend and I went to J. Cole's Forest Hill Drive Tour. YG, Jeremih, Big Sean, and J. Cole were performing that night. J. Cole was a really good performer.

On Friday, August 14th, I can't remember wha my boyfriend and I did but we did eat dinner at Whole Foods and did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. Then he helped me with my hair.

 On Sunday, August 16th, I went to the beach with my dad, brother, and boyfriend. I was trying to get in as much beach days as I could before summer ended. The water was beautiful that day. A boy saw me swimming and yelled how I had purple hair so I looked at him and he asked if I was a mermaid and I told him yes, and then he asked me where my fin was, I told him I cut it off lol.

 On Monday, August 17th, I had Chickfila for lunch and the sandwiches were the free item of the month from the calendar card. After lunch, my boyfriend and I went to my aunt's to help her move. Then I had game night with my friends at my house.

On Wednesday, August 19th, I don't remember what I did but my grandma made me fried wontons for dinner because there wasn't anything to eat for dinner.