Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tenth Week of Summer

So, I wanted to post about my DC trip this past Monday, but I never finished making the video so I'm just pong to exclude Friday from my tenth week of summer.

On July 13th, I spent the morning playing animal crossing and just spending time with my boyfriend. My gold card from Starbucks also came in! My aunt picked me up and we went to Plaza Azteca for dinner because the sushi place I wanted to go to was closed. That night, I also took a bath and I'll be making a review for the bath bomb I used soon.

On July 14th, I spent the day with my aunt and cousins and then I hung out with my boyfriend. He took me to go meet up with my friend Josephine at Starbucks so we could talk. And then we went back home and bought 3 frozen pizzas for $10 once we realized there was nothing to eat. Then we spent the rest of the night watching Friends. My boyfriend started watching it because I loved this show when I was 5 and have watched the whole series so many times already, and I wanted him to start haha.