Friday, July 17, 2015

My Trip To Washington DC + New Youtube Video!!

Last week on July 10, I went to Washington DC with my boyfriend. It was our first time going here just by ourselves and it was one of our greatest days together yet. I made a new vlog about our day and this blog post will be more a more detailed documentation with more photos.

 So we started the day by driving hours to the metro station to get to DC. I had to use the bathroom before we went to our first stop. It was really dirty, haha.
 I was trying to re-create this photo of "Andy Dwyer." If you know what I'm talking about, you deserve a high-five. I've loved this show for years.

 I accidentally stepped in mud so my boyfriend cleaned my shoes for me.
 This was our lunch. It was like $27 for just this and I was not impressed and kind of upset it cost that much because it wasn't anything special lol.
 I got a sandwich with pesto, bell peppers, chicken, and arugula on some like sprout bread. I didn't like the bread and there was too much arugula so I eventually took off the bottom part of the sandwich lol.

 My boyfriend messed up one of the trains so we wasted like 10 minutes and I got kinda grumpy. So when we got to the place we were supposed to get, there was a bunch of tents that were selling street food and I was really excited. There was one tent that had ice cream and that's what we ended up choosing on. It was 2 scoops for $5 which I didn't think was worth it, but my boyfriend wanted to get it for me to make up making me grumpy. It was made by liquid nitrogen, right in front of us!! If you haven't watched my YouTube video, I recorded how what it looked like. It was organic and tasted so good.
 This was probably the longest escalator I've ever been on. But anyways, after the ice cream, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. After that, we took the metro again and went to the National Zoo.
 This was the pizza I made for dinner. It was the best pizza I ever had. If you watched my YouTube video, you would know how the pizza was created.
 This was my boyfriend's pizza.
 I really wanted a to-go box, and luckily we only finished half our pizzas so we got boxes.
 This was my outfit of the day, haha.
  • Sunglasses - Target
  • Tank - Uniqlo
  • Shorts - Forever 21
  • Shoes - Nike
  • Bag - American Apparel
After dinner, we took the metro to Georgetown and we just walked. Then we headed back home.

This was me on the last metro back to the metro station. I was tired and my feet were in so much pain by then.

That was my day in Washington DC with my boyfriend. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and my video.

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