Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eleventh Week of Summer

On July 16th, I made the first picture for breakfast and then went on a walk. Then the second picture is what I had for dinner. It was so good!

 On July 17th, my boyfriend and I went to the beach with my brother and dad. We had Arby's for lunch and then we were there for the whole afternoon. Then we went home and showered. Then my boyfriend and I went to dinner. We were supposed to go to Panera, but we both wanted something different so we went somewhere else. I got chicken kabobs and then he got steak roll-ups. After we got home and I edited my video. Then we watched Friends.

On July 18th, I stayed home all day and afternoon playing animal crossing, watching bones, etc. Then after dinner, I went out with my mom and did a little shopping.

On July 19th, I hung out with my friend Andy for a while and my boyfriend stopped by the drop off Bon Chon his mom got me when they were out of town the day before. Then he came back during the dinner and ate with my family. Then we watched Friends until we fell asleep.

On July 22nd, my boyfriend took me to sushi for lunch because I was craving it so bad. He stuck his head out because he decided to be silly, so I told him that I was gonna post it on my blog. He's so cute and so sweet for fulfilling my craving.

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  1. Again, the food porn is amazing!! Love it when you post about your week <3 BTW, you watch bones too?! I love that show

    BCfactor Blog

    1. Awe, thank you! And yes! Bones is such a great show. :)

  2. ughhhh. this post is making me hungreeeee.

    Jessica |