Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eight Week of Summer

On June 26th, my boyfriend and I stayed in bed all afternoon just talking and watching Grey's Anatomy. We only left to pick up dinner, and then eat it in bed while watching Grey's lol.

On June 27th, I woke up early and got donuts from Duck Donuts. I really enjoy their donuts, hehe. I then spent the rest of the day and weekend running errands and did some shopping with my parents.

On June 29th, I slept over my aunt's house and took a bath. But before we got to her house, we went to WaWa and my aunt and cousins got me a strawberry and banana smoothie I wanted - it was really good, haha.

On June 30th, I waited for my boyfriend to get home from class and then he helped me with my hair. Then we did errands for my mom, got free chicikfila, and made dinner at home. Then as soon as we made dinner, my uncle came and dropped off sushi. But we decided to save it and eat it today (July 1st) for lunch.

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  1. Those donuts are making me droooooool! I love all these shots!

    May • THE MAYDEN

    1. Thank you! They were delicious, hehe. :3

  2. You seem to be busy hehe. I'm always in bed watching vids. And those sushi are so delicious looking i want ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle