Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sixth Week of Summer

 On June 11th, I went to the beach with my friend Josephine and then we went to lunch together. (Thank you for being my only friend that reads my blog lol.)

 After I got home, I got ready to go out to a birthday dinner for my friend Nhi's 19th birthday. I ate a cronut with my boyfriend as a snack.

We went to Bahama Breeze for dinner and all shared appetizers.

 This is what me, my boyfriend, and our friend Ivan got. I always get the same thing lol.

This is what Patrick, Chris, and Nhi got. Sorry it's kinda hard to see.

 Here are some photos I took that night. I gave one to Nhi so she could remember that night. It was also my 43 months with my boyfriend.

 On June 12th, my boyfriend and I went to Richmond. We made breakfast before we went.

 We got stuck in traffic for a while.

 This was my ootd for the day.

 We went to Carytown Burgers for lunch and it was pretty good.

When we got home that night, we ate some ice-cream.

One June 13th, I went to the beach with my dad and brother. It was so hot that day.

 I went in the water for the first time this year, it was too hot out not to.

 I brought sushi as a snack.

When I got home, my mom made a Japanese dinner. Curry, korokke, and fried shrimp.

 On June 14th, I went to brunch with my mom and her friends. We went to Hair of the Dog Eatery.

 Then that night, I went to the beach with my friends Patrick and Ivan.

 One June 15th, my boyfriend made our breakfast because I didn't want to get out of bed. Then we ran errands and then hung out with my younger cousins.

 On June 16th, I went to the beach with my aunt and cousins.

 There were a lot of sandbars far into the ocean, so me and Gabriel went out to it.

 On June 17th, I had a dentist appointment. But after, my mom and boyfriend and I went to Aloha for lunch.

Then we got Starbucks. I got a red velvet frappucino. It didn't really taste like red velvet to me. More like chocolate and raspberry.

My book signed by Aziz Ansari came in the mail too! I can't wait to read it. I also got Super Smash for my 3DS.

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  1. I love your bikini so much! You look so good in it!
    Those polaroid are so cute as well - I LOVE Rilakumma! :))


  2. Looking like a great summer <3 And how do you keep your hair so vibrant?!

    BCfactor Blog

    1. I reapply it about every two weeks, but only to the top of my hair! Just so it'll be darker. The color is staying in pretty good though. :)