Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seventh Week of Summer

This past week, I didn't really do much. I only have pictures from two days this week, so this will be short.

 On June 19th, it was flip flop day for Tropical Smoothie so my boyfriend and I went and to two different ones to get a free smoothie. We brought my younger cousin to the second one and then we went to the mall because I had to get my friend a birthday gift from Lush. We dropped off my cousin and then watched Psych until we went to Panera for dinner. We tried a new salad that night, it was the BBQ chicken one and it was pretty good.

On June 20th, we went to my friend John's and had a gathering with our friends. We got back home in a bad thunderstorm at like 1:30 am. I stepped in a puddle with my leather sandals, but we sang in the car the whole way home. And then we fell asleep, which was nice.

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