Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fifth Week of Summer

On June 4th, I woke up early to take my grandpa home with my friend Andy. Then when Dave got out of his class, we went to the commissary and Trader Joe's to get groceries.

 On June 5th, my boyfriend and I went out to lunch. It was raining that day and National Donut Day.

On June 6th, my friend Andy and I went to my aunt's house to babysit her kids.

June 7th, I went to the beach with my dad and brother.

 On June 8th, my boyfriend and I made a small breakfast. This will be on my next cook with me post.

 We then got Chipotle for lunch and ate it at the beach.

On June 10th, we mostly spent the day just watching Psych. We got chips and donuts, then dropped off something for my dad. Then went back home and ate lunch. This will be on my next "cook with me" post too.

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