Wednesday, May 13, 2015

♡ Three and A Half Year Anniversary ♡

This past Monday, May 11, was my boyfriend and I's three and a half year anniversary.

We started the day with giving each other the gifts we got one another. We already knew what we got each other, hehe.
He was wearing glasses because we were about to leave the next day.
He got me a triangl bathing suit that I've wanted for so long now! I didn't even know what size I needed, but he ordered me the right one. I felt so lucky, hehe. I got him shoes we both wanted - I'll get my pair eventually, haha.

We then ate lunch. We just ate these leftover potstickers I had from the night before and I made this veggie + rice medley from Trader Joe's.

Then we went to the mall, where I waited in Barnes and Nobles as my boyfriend walked across the street to take his Chemistry final. It was his last final of the semester. It took him a little bit longer, so I was just making drafts for future posts while I was waiting.

We then went got McDonald's cause I was kinda hungry, got gas, and then went to Hampton. This was us at Target. I found a Baymax stuffie there!

Then we went back to my house to get ready for dinner.

 My boyfriend picked a fancy place to eat for dinner, it was our first time here. We sat in the very back and the lighting was dim, which explains the photos above, haha.

We got calamari as our appetizer. We usually get calamari if the restaurant has it.
This is what my boyfriend got.
This is what I got. 
Just a picture I took of him. :3
 So in the end, my boyfriend and I decided the place was kinda fancy, but the food wasn't up to par. We were walking around Whole Foods earlier to kill time and I saw a pizza I've never seen there before so I told the guy working I would come back and get it. It was kind of like my dessert. My boyfriend picked out a brownie, hehe. The pizza was delicious. But that's because I love pizza!

We went back home after that and just watched Psych in bed. I've finished the whole series, but he liked it from just watching a few episodes with me so we started watching from the beginning. It was another day well spent with my very best friend. I remember our 2 and a half anniversary like it was just the other month. It's crazy how time flies by. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. We've gone through so much + have been each other's support system since the beginning. I love him so much and I can't wait for this to be our best summer yet. Thank you for such a wonderful day.

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