Thursday, May 28, 2015

Third Week of Summer + My Youtube Channel !! (Please check it out lol)

 On May 21st, my boyfriend and I went to a burrito place called Machismo for the first time. (In Norfolk, VA.) I forgot what he got, but I got chicken, brown rice, lettuce, cheese, corn, and sour cream inside a spinach tortilla.

It was pretty good. I was really happy that the corn didn't have any cilantro in it, unlike Chipotle. The workers were also really friendly. Afterwards, we went to the mall and I got a few things from Forever 21 which I'll show you in my May shopping haul post in a few days. Then at night, we watched 500 Questions again.

On May 22nd, we took my grandma to out and we all went to lunch. Then we dropped her off and we went to Trader Joe's. Then we went shopping for a little while and I got a few things. Then we got pizza for dinner and watched 500 Questions. Then we watched Psych until we fell asleep.

 On May 23rd, we went to the beach with my brother and dad.

He wasn't looking lol.
I packed some fruit and my favorite Naked juice.
We got a gyro after my dad did and funnel cake. I didn't like the gyro, so my boyfriend ate it and then him, my brother, and I shared the funnel cake. It was so good.

Then on May 25th, which was Memorial Day, we went paddle-boarding. It was out first time and this is my first Youtube video. One of my summer goals is to start making videos, because a friend of mine told me he thinks I would do a good job in doing so. This is my first time ever editing a video like this, so I hope you enjoy!! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

BBQ chicken, sweet potato fries, and grilled zucchinis.
I couldn't record the s'morse making part because my GoPro died lol.
My dad roasted my marshmallow and it was a perfect golden color. I was surprised, haha.

On May 27,  my boyfriend and I re-touched the purple in my hair.
Then we went to Whole Foods for lunch, as usual, haha. Then we went to Target and I got a couple things, which you'll see in my haul post.

That's it for my third week of summer!
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  1. WAHHHH! I love your hair! and all the food in this post it just <3 <3 I have a youtube channel and am definitely checking out yours

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