Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lush Review: Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

I got the luxury lush pud bath bomb from my friend, Christian, as one of my gifts for Christmas. It's part of Lush's Christmas collection, so if you end up wanting this after reading this review, make sure to get it this winter.

It looks so perfect for Christmas. I didn't know which bath bombs he choose for me until I opened my gifts, but he said he got me this because it was the only one that looked very Christmas-y, haha.

This was my first every bath bomb! I've only been using bubble bars until now. It was really cool to see it do its magic.

I grabbed it while it was still fizzing so I could see what it looked like, lol.
My cousin kept touching it and this is what it looked like.
This is what it looked like after a while. It kind of left a pinkish color in the water. It smelled like lavender, but not too strong of a scent, which I liked because if it was strong, I would have gotten a headache. If you like bath bombs and like lavender (also has the similar scent to Twiglight, another Lush product), this bath bomb is for you!

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to leave them below!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts! Lush's bath bombs are so great~ Thank you for reviewing this! It looks and sounds great and I'll watch out for it next winter c:
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Thank you, Kiyomi! :) I hope you get it this winter!

  2. This looks really nice! I love lavender scents ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon