Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lush Review: Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

So, I've realized I make reviews of Lush bath products way after I use it, so I'm going to stop that and write reviews for them as soon as I use them. I also use them months after I buy them, and so the items are out of season, so I'm gonna try to change that too, haha.

I got the christmas penguin bubble bar from my friend, Christian, as one of my gifts for Christmas. It's part of Lush's Christmas collection, so if you end up wanting this after reading this review, make sure to get it this winter.

This is what is looks like! The christmas penguin bubble bar is so cute. I used this back in January I think, so I can't really remember what it smelled like. But, I'm sure it did smell like oranges and flowers. I tend to get their bath products that smell like that. There's also a little carrot as the nose.

I can't remember if I used the whole bubble bar or only half, but this what the bubbles looked like! It left the water blue. (You can kinda see it under the bubbles.) I recommend this bubble bar, because it's so cute, smells good, and makes the water a pretty blue color. It's great for the winter time when you want to take a warm bath.

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