Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Weekend of Summer

I have 16 weeks and 3 days of summer. I said in a previous post that I would document what I do every Friday since those are my boyfriend and I's day. I'm clearly behind on that, lol. So this is what was going on the first weekend of my summer which was May 7 - 10.

On May 7th, I had my last final. My friend Michael and I finished early so we did some errands until our friend Christian finished his so we could go to lunch. My boyfriend got out of class at the same time so he joined us.

 We went to this place called "Hair of the Dog Eatery." It was my boyfriend and I's third time there. I wanted to go there because I was craving one of their sandwiches. (The plate on the right.)

These are my friends Michael and Christian. It was great seeing them every day of our first year of college!

 On May 8th, my boyfriend came over early and we made breakfast. Then we went to Target because I needed to see if they have a pair of boots I wanted in my size, then to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods with my grandma.

 After Whole Foods, we took my grandma to the store my Uncle works at and he just so happened to have some donuts from Duck Donuts, which is really good. He let me have whoever ones I wanted.

 Then we dropped my grandma off and she gave us $20 for lunch because she knew she was holding us up because we were gonna go out of town. We went to this place in another city that we went to last May and I ordered the same thing. It was so good and I can't wait to go back. I got chicken with rice and mushrooms and dijon honey mustard. I choose corn and broccoli and cheese casserole as my sides. My boyfriend got this platter of fried shrimp and chicken tenders and his sides were macaroni and cheese and fries.

After that we went to the outlets and I bought him those Superstars I posted a picture of in our 3.5 anniversary post. Then we went to a show for my friend and left early after we saw his performance. Then we got some dinner and watched Psych in bed.

 On May 9th, I went to the art museum with my aunt and four younger cousins. My aunt had my uncle's two kids with her because their had somewhere to attend that day, so I told her about this thing going on at the art museum.

It was hard for me to take this photo, lol.
 They had an arts and crafts station for Children's Day, which is a Japanese holiday. They did it a couple days late, but it was still nice and I thought a good way for the kids to learn something culturally. (We are all half Chinese, but only my brother and I are half Japanese.)

This is my aunt and cousin Izzy in the car.
We ate some Chinese food, then went to Starbucks, and then got some groceries. I later spent the night at my aunt's house because Mother's Day was the next day.

 On May 10th, we had Mother's Day lunch at my aunt's house. We had steak, salmon, bacon and peas macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, zucchinis, and corn.

 My cousin Izzy wanted my boyfriend to sit with her at the table in front of the TV, haha.

 These were cheesecake filled strawberries I made. I let Izzy help me with them so it was fun making them. Everyone seemed to like them. Especially when they were dipped in fondue.

We had fruits, angel food cake, and marshmallows to dip into the fondue.

That's what I did my first weekend of summer. Are any of you on summer? Let me know what you did down below!

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