Thursday, May 14, 2015

College: Daily Makeup Routine

After the first semester, I made a post on my daily makeup routine here. I'm here with another one for the semester I just finished! I'm still not the best with makeup and I just play around with it, haha. I just felt like sharing, so I hope you enjoy.  This post will be slightly different than my last one because I did some things differently. I also can't really remember the order I applied my makeup, so I'm just gonna do it based on how I usually do it.

First, I put on my blush (the same as before) and sometimes bronzer. These are both from Lancome.

These are the brushes I used. They are from e.l.f.

Then, I put on my eye shadow. Most days, I used either my BareMinerals 7 Ways to Bare set or Too Faced Cat Eyes palette.

These are the three brushes I used to apply it. They are from e.l.f.

Then I would do my eyebrows. I still use the e.l.f. eyeshadow kit in medium.

Then I would apply my eyeliner. My mom got me this one from Japan and I was skeptical of it working well because it was only $1, but oh man, I love this eyeliner. I ran out after a few months and so I went back to using the liquid eyeliner from Makeup Forever that was in my last "daily makeup routine" post.

Lastly, on some days, I would curl my lashes and apply mascara. The mascara is from Lancome.

I also usually would put some lipstick on and that's it for my makeup routine this past semester. I hope you liked this post!

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  1. What a lovely routine! The eyeliner sounds amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. I'm going to start college in September, and am interested in what others use for makeup there! This post was perfect :3 I love your blog! Would you like to follow each other of gfc?


    1. Thank you!! :3 I'll check out your blog. ~