Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break: Mini Road Trip

During my spring break, I went on a mini road trip with my boyfriend and my two friends, Nhi and Chris. It was a nice little going away day we all had together.

We first went to Belle Isle in Richmond. It's a place in the James River and we had to climb on lots of rocks to finally get to the middle of the river. I was kinda upset that the waters weren't clean the day we went, but it's okay because I'm sure it looks great when the sun it out more and the weather is warmer like it is now.

One of my shoes are off because my foot slipped off a rock and it slid into the water. :-( I also hit the side of my foot when I did that and it left a bruise that went around the bone.
This is us in the middle of the river.

 This is my friend Nhi!

This is a picture my boyfriend took of me so I could remember going here. I loved hearing the rivers rushing downstream all around me. If you're ever in Richmond, you should definitely come here. Make sure you're wearing shoes you don't mind getting dirty and wet though, haha. (Just in case.)

We then went to Carytown and went to a chocolate store and American Apparel so I could try on some jeans before I ordered them online. After that, we went to eat lunch. I got the southwest chicken sandwich and it was really good.

 There's a lot of street are in Carytown and I thought this one was cute.

These are pictures we took at a toy store.

After Richmond, we went to the Bonchon to take chicken home to our families and then to the Williamsburg Outlets and then headed back home. We took Nhi and Chris to this cute little Mexican restaurant my boyfriend and I have been to a long time ago. And that ended our day!

These were the things I got while I was in Carytown. The shirt was like only $5 at American Apparel and I have been wanting it for a while so I had to get it for that price. The top chocolates are the ones I got for my mom and the ones on the bottom are for me that I have yet to try. The pins were super cute so I had to get those too, haha. And I love those gummy burgers so I got one for my brother and I.

And that was my day!

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