Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Favorites

Hello! It's the last day of March. I can't believe how fast the year has been going by; we are already a quarter done! One thing I'm happy to end this month with is the warmer weather. It's finally spring and although I will miss dressing warm and cozy in my house and the snow, I'm happy for more sunshine.

I had posts planned out for the month, but I just got so busy that I didn't have time to make any of them. The past two weeks have been so stressful with exams and papers, but since yesterday after my bio exam, I am stress free for a while. I got a B on my exam that I studied 5 hours prior before I took it, I was so happy! April is my last full month of school, and although I'm sad when the semester ends, I cannot wait for summer.

1. Preserve Toothbrush from Trader Joe's
  • In January, on one of my Trader Joe's visits, I picked up this toothbrush. I got it in the sky-blue color and I think the soft bristle one. I love it. It's soft, but it makes my teeth feel clean.
2. elf Eyeshadow Brush from Target
  • I got this eye shadow brush a couple months ago, I think. I can't remember, but I use it to apply my base eye shadow color. It's soft and I really like it.
3. Cat Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - Too Faced
  • I love the colors on this palette! I paid $19 for it and it retails for $36. I really wanted it because of the pink and purple colors, but I use the top two rows a lot.
4. Hello Toothpaste in Supermint
  • I got this in January because I just really liked the way it looked. It's in the flavor "supermint," and I like it. It's kind of like a sweet mint flavor and it's really refreshing. The company tries to use all natural ingredients.
5. Mint Julips Lip Scrub from LUSH
  • My boyfriend bought me this lip scrub because I've been wanting one of the lip scrubs from Lush. It's so tasty, hehe.
6. Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut w/ Almonds barkTHINS
  • Last month, I talked about how I loved the blueberry and quinoa barkTHINS. This month, I really enjoyed this one. I grabbed this bag because it was the only one I could get in the bulk size. It's really tasty and I like to break in pieces and throw it in my yogurt.

My favorite TV series to watch on Netflix this month was:
  • Psych - I mentioned this in my February Favorites. I finished this halfway through the month and I wish there was at least one more season. I love this show and it's one of my favorites now! It's like Scrubs and CSI had a baby or something. If you love comedies with best friends as the main characters, you'll like this.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - This is a new Netflix original series and so there's only one season up right now. I really like this show. It's really funny and I think Ellie Kemper (Kimmy) plays the roll perfectly. It's about a girl who was stuck underground for 15 years because of her stupid pastor and then tries to live in New York. It's really funny and I think we can all feel for Kimmy at some times.
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun - I gasped when I saw this show was on Netflix now. I LOVE JGL and I've been in love with him for years, it's ridiculous, haha. I'm already on season 4 and I just started maybe a week/a week and a half ago. It's about these aliens who go undercover as humans on Earth to observe the people and how we live on Earth. It's really funny and has some bad acting like when it comes to fighting, but I think it's funny, haha.
I hope you enjoyed my favorites for the month! Let me know what your favorites were for the month down below.

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Spring Break: Mini Road Trip

During my spring break, I went on a mini road trip with my boyfriend and my two friends, Nhi and Chris. It was a nice little going away day we all had together.

We first went to Belle Isle in Richmond. It's a place in the James River and we had to climb on lots of rocks to finally get to the middle of the river. I was kinda upset that the waters weren't clean the day we went, but it's okay because I'm sure it looks great when the sun it out more and the weather is warmer like it is now.

One of my shoes are off because my foot slipped off a rock and it slid into the water. :-( I also hit the side of my foot when I did that and it left a bruise that went around the bone.
This is us in the middle of the river.

 This is my friend Nhi!

This is a picture my boyfriend took of me so I could remember going here. I loved hearing the rivers rushing downstream all around me. If you're ever in Richmond, you should definitely come here. Make sure you're wearing shoes you don't mind getting dirty and wet though, haha. (Just in case.)

We then went to Carytown and went to a chocolate store and American Apparel so I could try on some jeans before I ordered them online. After that, we went to eat lunch. I got the southwest chicken sandwich and it was really good.

 There's a lot of street are in Carytown and I thought this one was cute.

These are pictures we took at a toy store.

After Richmond, we went to the Bonchon to take chicken home to our families and then to the Williamsburg Outlets and then headed back home. We took Nhi and Chris to this cute little Mexican restaurant my boyfriend and I have been to a long time ago. And that ended our day!

These were the things I got while I was in Carytown. The shirt was like only $5 at American Apparel and I have been wanting it for a while so I had to get it for that price. The top chocolates are the ones I got for my mom and the ones on the bottom are for me that I have yet to try. The pins were super cute so I had to get those too, haha. And I love those gummy burgers so I got one for my brother and I.

And that was my day!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break: Good Eats.

I started Spring Break last Friday. On Sunday, I went with my boyfriend, cousins, and aunt to go eat.

These were some fried macaroni and cheese things. My little cousins think there were little bits of bacon in them. I think it was wrapped in an egg roll skin. They were really tasty and came with honey mustard dipping sauce.

This is my little cousin Izzy eating one of them. 

I got a BBQ chicken pizza. It was a wood fire grill pizza. It was so good! My cousin Gabriel and I ate most of it.

My boyfriend and aunt each got a burrito. They weren't really satisfied with it. We agreed that Chipotle has the best, haha.

The weather was extremely nice on this day. After weeks of it being cold and snowy, the sun was out and it was a great day to eat outside. I can't wait for more days like these!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

♡ February Favorites ♡

February went by so fast. For me, it was filled with lots of cancelled school days because of the snow. It was amazing. I stayed in bed a lot of the time and had a lot time to relax. I also added more things to change my lifestyle which I'm trying to enforce on myself more in March since I'll have my spring break next week. I can't wait for this week to be over so I can finally have time for myself.

1. Its a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product
  • I got my dad to buy this for me because I really needed it for my hair. I got this a couple years ago and I really liked the way it worked. I use this like a leave-in hair mask after I shower. I got the 4 fl oz size and I use a generous amount but I still have a lot that I will definitely be using a lot in March after my hair cut.

2. Winter Cranberry Foaming Hand Soap from Bath and Body Works
  • This soap smells like "frosted cranberries sprinkled with iced peach." This is my favorite winter holiday scent from Bath and Body Works. I've gotten it every year since I came across it. I'm also currently using the hand sanitizer whenever I use my AA cities bag.

3. Smart Water 50.7 fl.oz
  • I try to drink this bottle plus another 16.9 fl.oz a day. I try to drink 58 oz a day, and this bottle is really easy for me to carry with me when I go to school.

4. Red Velvet Oreo
  • I came across this limited edition oreo and I bought one package just to try them out. They weren't that bad so I bought two more packs to save. If you like red velvet and cream cheese, you should definitely try to get these before its gone!

5. barkThins w/ fruit - Blueberry Quinoa with Agave from Target
  • I love these. I love dark chocolate and the quinoa tastes make it crunchy like a crunch bar. These are so good that I finished the first bag and bought another one. It's a little pricy for the small bag, but it's really good haha.

6. Jonathan Adler Notebook from Marshall's
  • I collect notebooks and I came across two Jonathan Adler notebooks at Marshall's once on sale.  I currently use this as my journal I write lists and thoughts in.

7. Black Mango Tea from Trader Joe's
  • I decided to try this when I was at Trader Joe's and it was amazing. I mix it with soy milk and it's really good. I plan on buying this again.

8. Burt's Bees Lip Balm from Target
  • My lips started getting really irritated so I knew it was time to get burt's bees again. I love burt's bees because it's minty and leaves my lips tingly.

This month, I loved my winter jacket my mom got me when she went to Japan. I wore it almost every day because it was so cold and snowing this month. It really keeps warm and is big on me so it's comfy.

My favorite TV series to watch on Netflix this month was:
  • Good Eats - this show was really interesting. I used to watch this when I was younger just for fun. It gave some helpful tips about food and is was interesting learning about the history of foods.
  • Archer - this show was so funny. It's raunchy, but not too bad. I went through the five seasons available so fast because the episodes and seasons were short.
  • Psych - I just started this show the last couple days of February and I love it already. It's really funny and I can't stop watching it, haha.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites for the month! Let me know what your favorites were for the month down below. ~

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