Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve + New Year's Day

     I hope you had a good New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

On New Year's Eve morning, my boyfriend and I went to get breakfast. I woke up kinda late and took a while to get ready, so by the time we got to the place, it kind of became a brunch. The service was a little slow too so we started eating at lunch time. The lady forgot my bacon, but she gave me 2 extra slices to make up for it. We didn't start eating until I got my bacon, so some of my food got cold.
I got pancakes, two eggs, and bacon. My boyfriend got country fried steak over biscuits, eggs, and a side of potatoes. We always share each other's food, so we got half of what we each ordered. We both agree that my pancakes were fluffy and really good. I wish I ordered both my eggs as scrambled, because the scrambled was really good. The bacon was really good too. My boyfriend's chicken fried steak was really good. I just really love chicken, hehe. The sausage gravy was pretty okay, because I usually don't like it. I really liked his potatoes, because I think breakfast potatoes are really good.

 For my New Year's Eve outfit, I wore a purple-ish pink velvet babydoll dress with stockings. I wore my moto jacket on top because it was cold outside that day. I wore my cute, scalloped ankle socks with my black ankle boots. Like usual, I had my American Apparel bag with me.

 My boyfriend and I went to my aunt's house for New Year's Eve. The past 3 times, we've spent it with his family, but I wanted to do something different this year. We made nachos and watched Cutthroat kitchen and the NYE special/ball drop. It was really nice just staying in, eating on the sofa.

We took this photo as soon as the ball dropped!

Snapchat had this really cute filter, I used it a lot haha.

On New Year's day, I went up north with my family and boyfriend. I brought my "pastel road trip essentials." My mom's friend that's living in Japan got me a fuzzy baby blue pouch. I love it so much! I also brought my wallet, 3DS XL, cough drops, LUNA mini, strawberry KitKat, aero (2), and strawberry crunch. 

After 2 hours, we made it to IKEA, which is a little outside of D.C. We almost eat lunch as soon as we get here.
[I have a younger brother who is autistic, and he doesn't like something about the upstairs of IKEA for some reason. He was freaking out and was loud, but he can't help it, and the family sitting behind us moved. I figured they would, but I started crying because I know their son didn't understand why my brother was making such a loud noise and I just felt bad. I just want to say that if you see someone acting like they shouldn't in public, please the judge them or just stare. It really hurts me when people always just stare and don't look kind or understanding. I hate is so much and I always have. I love my brother, he's my pride and joy and it just makes me so mad when people do that.]

This was our 4th time here together!

We went to BonChon for dinner and the wait for the food is always so long.

The food finally came and after one piece, I wasn't really craving it anymore, but I was craving mango froyo. They make my favorite froyo and it was so good. They give you so much for only a small.

I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! I'd love to hear about it below.

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