Monday, December 15, 2014

College: First Semester

This past Thursday was my last day of the fall semester. It was my first semester of college and it went by extremely fast. I took 5 classes, which was 15 credits. I ended this semester with 21 credits, because I got 6 credits from the AP Japanese class I took in high school. This past week, I had finals every day except on Friday because my professor didn't want to come in early and so we just submitted something online lol. I never studied so hard before. I studied 10 hours straight for my Psychology exam because I was freaking out; I didn't read the textbook all semester and didn't know a thing. I studied for 12+ hours total, and I felt pretty confident during my exam. After this semester, I decided that I was going to get my act together for next semester because I know I could have done better and I'm kind of disappointed in myself.

Next semester, I plan on:
  • actually reading the textbook and following the class
  • try my best to not procrastinate
  • eat healthy and try to exercise
  • study more than just the night before
This semester has shown me that I really need to focus more and not procrastinate because when finals week came, I was so stressed and tired. It feels great that it's finally winter break though.

How is everyone else doing this semester? Any advice? Please share down below!

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  1. Good luck on meeting you goals, I'm sure that you will do wonderful! :)
    Have a lovely week
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections