Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marshall’s Mini Haul/Review

Hi, everyone and Happy November! Last week, I said I had upcoming posts for you guys, which I'm excited about, but I've been procrastinating. LOL. I have had a pretty busy week since the last post which explains why I never got around to it. My 18th birthday was last week, I have about one month left until winter break, my 3 year anniversary is next week, and it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. I’m really planning on posting more, so I hope you keep checking in.

About a month ago, I went with my friend Christian to Marshall’s because he wanted to get a hair shaver thing for cheap. While we were in line for check out, I saw make-up and nail polishes on one of the stands and so I went through it. I usually don’t care for the make up because it’s mostly different color eyeshadows most of the time and I know they have some good nail polishes, like Essie, but I usually don’t like the colors.
That night, I came across the ciate nail polishes and I’ve seen them online before and loved the packaging, but I never saw them in stores so I’ve never had a chance to get them. I bought the pink one and the purple sparkle one because I’ve been wanting a bubblegum pink colored nail polish and I just like mini sparkle nail polishes, haha. I bought a white/cream ciate nail polish too, but I plan on returning it. I also saw the makeup sponge and decided to just get it because Christian told me to just get everything, haha.

The makeup sponge I bought is a hot pink sponge from bella beauty. It was $3.99. I never opened it until last week and since then, I’ve used it a few times. The sponge works best after it’s been rinsed and one of the things I love about it is that I use it when I get ready in the mornings after I get out the shower, and it just feels refreshing when I dab it on my face.
I think it works pretty good, but it depends on what product I’m using, unless I’m using it wrong. LOL. It works well with my liquid BB cream, but it doesn’t work well with my cream concealer, but the concealer is just hard for me to blend in general so. I think this sponge works pretty well. I really like the the pointy edge of the sponge, because that works great for the inner corner of my eyes.
I went to TJ Maxx today and saw another one of these in a dark blue, so keep an eye out at different locations for different colors if you’re interested.

The ciate nail polishes I got were also $3.99 each. It says on the tag that they are usually $8 each, so I thought that these were for a pretty good price. When I looked into this brand, I read mixed reviews on them online so I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out. I read that they were really sheer and I hate when nail polishes is like that because I don’t want to have to layer it so many times.
  • The pink one is called “fun fair” - PP059
  • The purple one is called “helter-skelter” - PP141
The first time I used these nail polishes was on my 5-year-old cousin, because she loves make-up and always wants me to do her nails so I brought it over one night I babysat my cousins. The pink wasn’t really sheer and it only took two layers, like most nail polishes. The purple sparkles came out pretty easy too. I thought maybe it was only because her nails were so tiny, but when I finally painted my nails last week, it was great. I don’t know what it is, it’s either the brush is shorter or the handle is shorter, but it felt so mush easier for me to apply my nail polish than any other brand I own. I love the way the pink looks when it’s on my nails. It’s honestly my favorite pink! The purple sparkles is really easy to use too. It doesn’t come out clumpy at all and it just makes my nails look so cute, haha. I really recommend these two colors.

These are what my nails look like now. They’ve been chipped since last week, so that explains why they don’t look perfect.
Thank you for reading & let me know in the comments if you have any questions or requests!

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  1. Lovely post! I love your nail polishes. :)