Monday, October 27, 2014

College: Halfway Through The Semester

Hi, everyone! I’ve reached over the halfway point of my first semester in college. These past 9 weeks actually went by really fast, but I miss high school haha. I’m still procrastinating, like I should be studying for my Intro to Interpersonal Communication test right now lol. I also actually gained some weight the first week. It was so bad. My weight didn’t really change, but I could tell I gained some weight when I looked in the mirror. I’ve been so lazy and procrastinating all my assignments, so I stopped making meal preps and have been extremely lazy when it comes to working out. But, other than that, the college experience has been just okay. I just wanted to talk about little things that’s happened since school started and write about the goals I have for the rest of my first semester. Continue reading if you’re interested. I will also be talking about upcoming posts at the end.

I haven’t been really productive, academically and health/fitness-wise, the first half of the semester, so here are a few goals I have for myself:
  • Study a couple days prior to a quiz/text/exam instead of studying the night before.
  • Actually read the textbook. LOL.
  • Make meal preps every Sunday for the whole week and make sure to go grocery shopping for everything I need for the week.
  • Keep my room and workspace constantly clean.
  • Have a better sleeping schedule.
  • Get a job.
  • Find out what to do to transfer for next Fall semester.

I have done a few things during the semester though:
  • I’ve changed my hair color like 4 times already. I’m back with red which I’m very happy with. I always end up going back to my red hair. I’m really happy with my upkeep of my ombre as well. I’ve had an ombre for over 3 years now. I LOVE it when someone asks me for advice on hair too!
  • I’m usually someone who wears tank tops in the fall and winter because I don’t like long sleeves, but lately I’ve been stocking up on long sleeves and sweaters. I even got 3 pairs of combat boots within one month..
  • I have actually studied for my classes, even though it’s the night before.

I know this has been kind of a lengthy post, so thank you if you read it.

Let me know in the comments if you..
  • have any goals you’ve recently set?
  • would want me to make a post on a collective clothing clothing haul?
  • have something you want me to make a post about?

Mu upcoming posts will be about:
  • Marshall’s Mini Haul/Review
  • My 18th Birthday - 10/29
  • Halloween 2014
  • My Daily School Makeup Routine
  • Cook With Me pt. IV

I plan on being more active with this blog, so I hope you continue to check/read my blog and share with others.
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  1. Lovely post! All of your goals seem wonderful. :)

  2. Good luck with college, Marika! I'm about to begin to start applying to university this week & I'm so nervous~
    I hope you're able to achieve your goals <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Thank you, Payton! Good luck to you! Don't be nervous, just make sure not to procrastinate. :)