Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Stolen Wallet, Monumentour Concert, Job Interview, Haircut, and Fitness Update

Good afternoon.   I wanted make this post the other day, but I never got around to it. I just wanted to make an update with what’s been going on in my life since last Saturday, July 26. Let’s start. 

Last Saturday, my friend took me to go see Lucy because he wanted to go see it. I left my wallet in the car, we watched the movie (it was just okay, I felt like there could have been more to it), and then we went back to the car. When we went back to the car, the passenger window was broken and someone had broken in. I didn’t realize it at first, but a couple minutes later, I realized my wallet was gone.  It was my favorite wallet ever and I was so upset. The guy used my credit card at a gas station, but they had no security cameras so there’s that.. It just sucks that I had pictures of my boyfriend and I, my brother, and younger cousin as well as school ID’s of me and my friends. I also HATE the fact that they know my name and where I live and all that.  So remember, hide ALL items in your car and of course keep the windows up and doors locked.

Then on Tuesday, I went to the Monumentour with my boyfriend and his brother. I’ve been debating on whether to go or not because I already saw New Politics and Fall Out Boy back in December and when I first heard about the concerts, I didn’t feel like going again just for Paramore. But as time went by, I changed my mind and really wanted to see Paramore. My aunt had 3 tickets and I was convincing her to not take her two kids and instead take my boyfriend and I. She ended up not wanting to go because of a headache and gave me the tickets and sold the third on to my boyfriend’s brother. It was his first concert!

We picked up the tickets from her, got dinner from Cook Out, and headed to the concert. The line wasn’t bad whatsoever, but by the time we got there we missed the first band, which was New Politics. We found a spot on the lawn, and waited for Paramore to come out. It was so cool to see them live! One girl actually got chosen to go on stage and sing with Hayley. Then we waited for Fall Out Boy to come out, and they sang some different songs from the last time I saw them but of course sang my favorites from them. I sang my heart out, haha.

On Wednesday, I got a call for a job I applied to online about a week prior and was asked to come in for an interview the next morning at 11. I went to my interview Thursday and it was a quick interview, but I think I did really well because I made her laugh a lot. I asked her about my hair, and she didn’t have a problem with it, but the head manager would have so if I get the job, I would have to change my hair color which I don’t mind because I was planning on changing it soon. She had another interview later that day and said would call me by at least Monday, so I’m really praying I get this job!

Later that day, I got a haircut. I never realized that my hair kind of covered my whole back until I took a picture of before I cut my hair. I got around 5 inches cut off and I really don’t like how the ends up my hair look like it’s cut straight across because I never want my hair to look like that, but when I put my hair all to the back, it doesn’t look like that so hopefully it grows to look the way I want it to in the next few weeks before school starts.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post!

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  1. D: That totally sucks about your car and your wallet!! :\ People these days...I hope you catch the guy that did it! And eep~ That's so cool you went to a Paramore concert! <3 And you have really pretty hair~ I will always love pink hair forever. ^_^

    I remember checking out your a blog a while ago...but i guess I couldn't follow you via GFC, and I still can't D: >.< Something must be wrong with my browser. >.< But in heart I am your new follower~ > < Keep blogging~ ^_^

    Love, Aimee
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    1. The gas station the thief went to didn't have security cameras, so it's a dead end. ._. But one of my friends were nice enough to order me the same wallet. Thanks though! ♡ Yes, I'm really liking this dark pastel pink it faded into. :)

      And awe, thank you though!! ♡