Saturday, February 8, 2014

D.I.Y. Valentine's Day ♡

So as we all know, Valentine's Day is coming right around the corner! I was helping my younger cousins the other week with some arts and crafts their mom bought them and we decorated mailboxes. I thought it was such a cute idea so my boyfriend and I bought two mailboxes and some stickers.

What we did was decorate the mailboxes with stickers, just like my younger cousins did. You can use the mailbox however you like, but I thought of the idea of writing letters to each other everyday of February until Valentine's day. Kind of like the 12 days of Christmas concept, but with 14 letters for every day until Valentine's day.

I just wanted to share this cute D.I.Y. with you all. *\(^o^)/* It's very inexpensive! I actually got the mailboxes and stickers from Target for $1 each.


  1. Agh, this is so cute! I used to have a toy postbox when I was younger and was OBSESSED with it.

    ☾ MOLLY LUNE ☽

    1. Awe, I used to kind of have one too! :)

  2. gorgeous idea :D

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