Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Facts About Me

I'm using this blog through out my last semester of high school and then I plan on creating a new one for summer and my college years. But I do plan on dedicating myself to this blog, as well. So I decided to just write some facts about me.

  • I am 17 years old.
  • I was born in Hong Kong and spent part of my childhood there.
  • I have traveled a lot in my first five years of living.
  • Although I wasn't born in Japan, I consider it my home and it is a part of who I am.
  • My favorite fruits are strawberries and mangos.
  • My favorite colors are: mint green, turquoise, lavender, raspberry, white, golden yellow, and maroon.
  • My favorite movies are 500 Days of Summer, because of my slight obsession with JGL and Step Brothers.
  • Beluga whales are my favorite animals and I am no exaggerating when I say they make me cry just by watching a video of them.
  • I had red hair for over half a year and I love it on me, but I decided to step away from it for a while this new year so my hair is currently an ash brown that is ombre'd with pink streaks.
  • My favorite Pokemon is bulbasaur.