Friday, January 31, 2014

January Favorites •ᴥ• ❄

I can't believe it's already the end of the first month. It really did go by fast, but I enjoyed how I barely went to school because of winter break, the gas leak, and snow days. I've never done one of these and I doubt many people will even see this, but these are my favorite things from January!

1. Hurraw lip balm in grapefruit - I was very impressed with the results. It's a little too glossy, but it works wonders! It really makes my lips soft, which is great for winter - helps a lot with the dryness. I ordered my mom the green tea one and she seems to like it but she agrees that it's a little too glossy. I personally don't like the green tea one, there's just something about it.

2. Strawberries - Since I've been eating healthy, I've been eating these almost every day. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruit and for all you that love them too, you can get them at Trader Joe's. Although they aren't in season right now, the strawberries from Trader Joe's are delicious!

3. Brown boots - These are my first actual pair of brown boots and I've noticed that I wore them a lot more than usual this month; probably because it's been really cold here and I've felt bummy with my outfits. I got these back in November and I love how inexpensive they were!

4. My mom's puffy North Face - This coat has came into handy this strange winter. I wore this to school four days in a row the other week because it kept me warm and went with everything I wore.

5. Clairol Born Blonde - I was very impressed with this and recommend this to anyone who really wants to lighten their hair! I only used this to lighten strands in my hair so I could make them pink. I got this box at Target, so I'm sure you could find it there or at any of your local drug/convenience store.

6. H'suan Wen Hua from Lush - It's lovely to use during the winter and when your hair is all blah from the cold wind. I did a review on this here.

7. I Love Juicy shampoo from Lush - This was another Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend. I use this every time I shower and I really like the smell of it. (≧∇≦)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lush Review: H'suan Wen Hua

So I did some research in the beginning of December of what I wanted from Lush. I really wanted a hair mask or any treatment for my hair because although I have really durable hair, even though I've dyed it many times, I wanted something to really help it. I ended up making a list of all the products I wanted from Lush, which was only a few things - this was one of them. And lucky me, it was one of my gifts from my lovely boyfriend.

This product contains eggs, olive oil, bananas, avocados, and vinegar. It's also a really easy application! All you have to do is apply it all over your hair before you shower (it must be on dry hair) and then wait 20-30 minutes to wash it out.

There were so many mixed reviews for this product, so I had to see for myself. For my first Lush product, I was extremely pleased with it! You wouldn't  think it, but this hair treatment smells like a chai tea latte and the spices that would define fall. I'm not one that enjoys touching things with all my fingers, it's part of my OCD, and so I did not like how the product got under my fingernails. But the results made it worth it!

(I've used most of it since I got a small pot and I have somewhat long hair.)
For one, the scent will stay in your hair after your wash. A plus for all you that like this smell.
Second, I have bleached ends because of my ombre I've had for over two years now and we all know that bleached hair isn't that healthy and soft. Mine is soft after I shower because my dad buys a really good conditioner, but if it gets messed with a lot it gets a bit frizzy. But after using this product, that problem went away; it remained soft!

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good treatment to strengthen and condition their hair.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Facts About Me

I'm using this blog through out my last semester of high school and then I plan on creating a new one for summer and my college years. But I do plan on dedicating myself to this blog, as well. So I decided to just write some facts about me.

  • I am 17 years old.
  • I was born in Hong Kong and spent part of my childhood there.
  • I have traveled a lot in my first five years of living.
  • Although I wasn't born in Japan, I consider it my home and it is a part of who I am.
  • My favorite fruits are strawberries and mangos.
  • My favorite colors are: mint green, turquoise, lavender, raspberry, white, golden yellow, and maroon.
  • My favorite movies are 500 Days of Summer, because of my slight obsession with JGL and Step Brothers.
  • Beluga whales are my favorite animals and I am no exaggerating when I say they make me cry just by watching a video of them.
  • I had red hair for over half a year and I love it on me, but I decided to step away from it for a while this new year so my hair is currently an ash brown that is ombre'd with pink streaks.
  • My favorite Pokemon is bulbasaur.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Breakfast For Lunch

I had an adjusted dismissal day today so I got let out at 9:30. I spent the rest of the morning trying to edit this blog and watched Futurama while I waited for Dave to get out of his classes.

I also thought about making this small snack since last night, and it was delicious.

After he came over, we made lunch. (^o^) It was our first try and I was afraid it wouldn't come out so great, but it wasn't bad for our first try!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Snow Is Melting

So it snowed two nights ago, causing school to be cancelled yesterday. Luckily, today was cancelled too! Tomorrow will be a two-hour delay as well. :3

Anyways, I finished 30 Rock today without realizing I was watching the last episode but I figured; it was so good and I'm super happy for Liz Lemon. I dyed my hair hoping it would be a bit darker but I ended up using the same color as last time.

Dave came over and I surprised him with my valentine's poster. :3 He of course said yes! Haha. And then we spent the afternoon going to Target with my mom and brother, getting Chipotle, watching Cake Boss, and played in the snow.





My first post.

I'm usually one that just has to start everything on the first of the month or the start of summer, etc. So this is different for me, but I have been wanting to create a blog besides my tumblr and 365, and I just really wanted to try this out. I hope this works out for me.