Wednesday, December 31, 2014

❄ Christmas Eve + Christmas ❄

It's been a week since Christmas Eve, so Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
 This picture was from the Saturday before Christmas Eve, but I wore the same thing on Christmas Eve except the headband and I didn't curl my hair. I wore a white sweater, raspberry lace skirt, stockings, black ankle boots, and black moto jacket. My hair was also lighter/blonder.

 I ate dinner with my family and boyfriend at my aunt's house. On my plate is a slice of rib roast, pesto pasta, a rice medley, corn, crack potatoes, and carrots. The food was so good, I wish I could eat some right now.

 My little cousin opened one of the Christmas gifts I helped her mom pick out and it was a snow globe maker. Izzy loves Frozen, so I made her an Olaf out of the clay.

These are some of the photos I took with my boyfriend. I bought these cute photo props and taped them the night before. I took cute photos with my cousins.

On Christmas, I dyed my hair purple. In this picture, the top part doesn't really show and it came out extremely dark to the point it looked black. My hair hasn't been black in over 3 years. But the purple looked really nice in the light.

Since we basically celebrated Christmas the night before, we weren't doing at my house. My family, boyfriend, and I went to a buffet for dinner. Afterwards, we went back to my house and ended the night watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

 It wasn't how I usually spend Christmas, but it was nice to be with my family and boyfriend.

These are most of the presents I got for Christmas this year!

These gifts was from my friend Christian. I made a Christmas list for him because he asked me to, and these are the items he picked out. The 7 Ways to Bare eyeshadow collection from bareMinerals, Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, and the Christmas Penguin bubble bar. Thank you, Christian!

 From my friend Andy, I got the North Face fleece that I mentioned in my Black Friday Haul post, something I needed for my hair, and the Magic Wand bubble bar from Lush. Thank you, Andy!

From my friend Josephine, I got a purse, a pack of multi-color gel pens, and 3pk of ankle socks. Thank you, Josephine!

From my friend Jules, I got a black scarf and the LIVESOS CD. Thank you, best!
Those were the presents I opened before Christmas. These are the presents I opened once it hit midnight on Christmas.

From my lovely boyfriend, I got everything I asked for. I got one of the Daniel Wellington watches I've been wanting, something from Lush, and peppermint bark. He also made me a homemade card, like he always does. It's so cute because he drew on it this time. The watch has Swarovski crystals in it; the look of it is so simple, but at the same time, classy. Thank you, babe!

 From my aunt, I got 2 pink photo frames, a Chick-fil-a calendar, a Starbucks mug, sock slippers, a lipstick I picked out at Sephora, a Kid Robot keychain, and whale stickers. She got me a Chick-fil-a calendar last year and it's the best because who doesn't love free food.. Haha. I love the lipstick and wear it basically every day since I got it. The socks are so cute and I'm actually wearing them right now! I thought the keychain was really cute too. Thank you!

 From a family friend, I got a striped infinity scarf and 2 pairs of socks. One sock is white with black stars, and the other is black with white polkadots. They're really cute and I've worn them already. Thank you!

 From my boyfriend's mom, I got a Starbucks gift card. Thank you!

And from my Uncle, I got an iTunes gift card and cash. Thank you!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas! I'd love to read about what you did and what gifts you got.
Please leave all comments below an happy holidays!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lush Review: Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

About a month ago on the night before Thanksgiving, I used my sparkly pumpkin bubble bar from Lush. It was the first time I ever bought myself something from Lush and I bought it on my birthday. I wanted 3 things from the Halloween collection. My boyfriend got me 2 of them for my birthday, so I had to get the last one, hehe.

This is what is looks like! It smells so good and it's really cute for the Fall. I thought I wouldn't like it because I assumed it would smell like spices and all things "fall," but I was wrong. It smells really fruity and juicy. It has juniper-berries blended with grapefruit and lime oils.

The sparkly pumpkin bubble bar is exactly what it's called. It's an orange pumpkin that has glitter/sparkles all over it. The glitter comes comes off really easily and sticks to you. (You can tell in my pictures, haha.) There's a cute cinnamon stick in it as the stump thing. (I'm not sure what it's called.)

This picture is from the first time I used this bubble bar. I didn't crumble it under the running water so it didn't really make bubbles. I was okay with that because I just wanted to relax in the water. The second time I used it, I did it the right way and it made a lot of bubbles. It was really fun for my younger cousin, haha.

I really liked this bubble bar. It smelled great and left your body with some glitter. It's really cute and you could use it multiple times. I really recommend this next year when they have them back in stock around Halloween time. They still have some of the Halloween stuff at my local Lush store, so check yours out if you want to get this bubble bar because it's sold out online.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to leave them below!

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